Coats, jackets and multi-layered clothing are filling up your closet but you are neglecting one major body part, while you prepare for winter. With the drafty weather and slippery snow, it is important to remember that our eyes need TLC (tender loving and care) as well. In simpler words, your eyes are one of your most precious assets this season, and they need to be safe from the harm of dry air, bright sunlight and all the harshness of winter. How can you protect your eyes this winter? Here are five answers to that question!

Wash your hands

We know the topic is protecting your eyes but, your hands lead everywhere –literally! Washing your hands during winter helps you with daily hygiene, and reduces all risks of you catching the ‘pink eye’ that is common to the season. You wouldn’t want that, would you? We thought not. Wash your hands as often as you can this season, to protect your eyes. 

Reduce your screen time

The weather is cold, you feel cozy under your layers, a perfect time for Netflix? Well sure, but not so much. Staring at your screen for too long makes your eyes dry, and with the draftiness of winter, they will be getting dry a lot faster than they should which could cause serious damage. For every twenty minutes of screen time, blink as much as you can, and make sure to look away often –or simply reduce your screen time!

Get a hat

Not that fancy fur hoodie you wanted to buy because it looked cute. Although that might work, a hat is preferable to shield your eyes from the harsh UV rays of bright sunlight in winter. Protect your eyes, get a hat!


Yes, they are for every season! A nice alternative to hats, you can wear sunshades to shield your eyes from the UV rays of the sun, while also reducing the amount of dry air they are exposed to. It’s an added bonus that sunshades serve a fashionable purpose too!

Meet the optometrist 

No one knows what’s best for your eyes than the person who actually got a degree to certify his/her professionalism on this subject. In all seriousness though, a visit to the optometrist will get you prepared with all the necessary eye treatment, like eye drops, items to prevent you from all the eye conditions waiting on the bad sides of winter. 

Keeping your body warm this season is important, but keeping your eyes safe is just as important –if not more-, make sure those beautiful gems are well protected this winter –we’ve just told you how!