Disposable Contact Lens

As the name implies, a disposable contact lens is worn just for a day and discarded at the end of that day. This type of contact lenses is very thin and has high water content to provide optimal comfort for wearers. Besides, it is convenient to use because no cleaning is required before and after use. It is best for busy people. Wearing disposable contact lens creates a sense of freshness as a new lens is worn daily.

On the other hand, it may be expensive for a regular wear. In addition, the lenses can dry out fast for some people due to the brand of the contact lens they buy, the activities they engage in, and the environment where they spend most of their time. Moreover, disposable contact lenses are not durable as their surface not treated to withstand re-use.

Daily Use Contact Lens

This is the type of contact lens that is re-used and replaced on a monthly basis or every two weeks depending on the brand bought. Daily Use Contact lenses are the best value for regular wearers. In addition, they are available in diverse strengths and fittings. Besides, they are more comfortable and more comfortable and more resistant to drying out.

On the other hand, daily use contact lenses must be cleaned regularly. Also, they may be less comfortable as they are thicker than disposable contact lenses.

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Tips for Choosing Between Disposable Contact Lens and Daily Use Contact Lens

When you are confused about choosing between disposable and daily use contact lenses, the following tips should help you in making an informed decision.

1. Your Vision Correction Prescription

This is crucial to choosing from the available types of contact lenses. Know that not all available contact will meet the requirements of your prescriptions. Daily use contact lenses have a harder composition and are capable of providing better vision at higher magnifications. As a result, daily use contact lenses are perfect for complex corrections such as multifocal and astigmatism, for sharp vision.

2. Eyes Sensitivity

If your eyes are so sensitive that you have irritation to a type of contact lens try lenses with a higher water content or better oxygen permanently. You may need to check the composition of the brand you want to buy for your personal condition.

3. Your Lifestyle

If you are into sports, disposable contact lenses would be more suitable because of the physical activities you engage in, you can remove and replace them quickly after contact with sweat, water, dirt or sunscreen. However, thinner contact lenses dry out fast.

If you are the less active type, you may consider daily use contact lenses. Remember that choosing the right contact lens is crucial to experiencing sharp vision, and comfort. Always advise an optometrist or an optician when making your decision.