Glasses have been around for hundreds of years, but in modern times the use of glasses has expanded rapidly, being used by people of all ages, including children before they reach puberty, and the elderly long into their lives. There have been many different reasons attributed to why the sudden rapid rise of correctional lenses, all of which have some merit, none of which can be the single handed reason. Different cultures, technology, and lifestyles are all factors. So with more and more people needing glasses everyday, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some quick tips about taking care of your glasses and getting the most out of your purchase.

Here are the three glasses tips and tricks:

1. Keep a microfibre cloth.

Glasses wearers know how annoying it can be to have a smudge somewhere in the corner of your lens without being able to wipe it away, nagging at the outskirts of your vision can be totally frustrating. Keeping a little microfibre cloth in your wallet or glasses case can come especially handy, getting rid of any smudges or stains on your lenses.

2. Bridge wax.

It’s important to get a pair of glasses that fits you, which is why you always try them on beforehand. If its been some time since you bought them and they’re are starting to become a bit loose due to wear and tear, wax is a good solution to keeping them placed firmly in their spot. Spread a little bit on the nose pads so when you put them on they don’t slip down your nose.

3. Diluted dish soap.

For those stains you can’t quite get rid of with a microfibre cloth, don’t use any alcohols or ammonia based liquid to clean them, as it can deteriorate the coating on the glasses. Mix a tiny bit of dish soap with some water and that should do the trick. Finish by giving it a final sweep with the microfibre cloth.
One last trick for those with especially bad sight without their glasses, put different colored rubber bands on your shampoo and conditioner so you can see which ones belong to you in the shower, and put some glow in the dark tape on your glasses case so you never lose your case in the dark!

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