We’ve all heard eye myths while we were growing up. You’ve probably been told “eating carrots will improve your vision” or “sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes.” However, are any of these eye myths actually true? Are you falling for these common eye myths?

Here are the top 5 common eye myths and truths about the eyes and vision:

Myth 1: Not using proper glasses will hurt your eyes

Fact: Some people have eye problems that can be corrected, so it’s important that they wear their glasses or contacts. But, some people with eye problems caused by heredity or injury won’t go away, even with glasses or contacts. Even though corrective glasses or contacts are needed to improve eyesight, using your eyes with or without your correct glasses or contacts won’t damage your vision.

Myth 2: Reading in dim light will damage your eyes

Fact: There’s no truth to this myth because reading in dim light can cause eye straight, but will not damage your eyes permanently.

Myth 3: Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes

Fact: There’s no evidence to confirm that sitting too close to the TV can damage your eyes. Children sit close to the TV because they have a greater ability to focus on objects closer to their eyes.

Myth 4. Eating carrots will improve your vision

Fact: Carrots and other vegetables are rich in vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for your sight. However, only a small amount of vitamin A is needed for good vision.

Myth 5: Eye exams are only necessary if you’re having problems

Fact:  Regular eye exams are important whether or not you’re have any noticeable signs of eye problems. It’s recommended that your children is test at birth, at 6 months of age, before entering school, and annually throughout the school years. For adults, the frequency of eye exams depends on your optometrist.

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