Our eyes are the windows to our souls and surely there are things that haven’t yet been unraveled concerning our eyes since they are full of mystery (watch “I Origins” to get furtherly hyped).

Here are 10 facts that you may have never known:

1. Eyes cannot be transplanted

A lot of organs, including the heart can be transplanted in to another living organism; but the eyes cannot. It is because of the millions of nerve fibers that connect them to the brain cannot yet be reconstructed.

2. Eyes are unique

Each of us has our unique set of eyes. Unlike fingertips which have 40 unique features, eyes have 256.

3. Eyes perceive image upside down

Our eyes actually perceive the image – upside down. It is our brain later who turns the image right up.

4. Inside Wow

They are 24 mm in width, but inside of them are around a 100 million cells (rods and cones); all working together for us to perceive reality.

5. Eye Origin

The development of eyes began 550 million years ago. The simplest ones were patches of photoreceptors on single cell animals.

6. Blue Eye Origin

The person with the first blue eyes appeared sometime between 6 and 10 thousand years ago and he couldn’t produce enough melanin whose amount determines your eye color. This allowed collagen (which is blue) to be shown through. Each blue-eyed person shares a common ancestor.

7. Blink Time

On average we blink 5 billion times in one year. Multiply that by 100-150 which is the amount of milliseconds that a usual blink lasts and you will find out how much time do you annually spend with your eyes closed, just by blinking.

8. Camera Type

According to calculations done by experts; if the eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels.

9. Team Work

Both of your eyes have a small blind spot in the back of their retinas, in the place where the optic nerve is attached. We do not notice this spot while actively using our eyes, because they work together to fill each other’s blind spot.

10. Be Aware

80 percent of eye problems are curable if we manage to detect the eye problems early on; eyes are quick healers too. With good care and healing, a corneal scratch can be fixed in about 48 hours. Visit your optometrists regularly, so you can prevent the damage from coming later on.

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