Eye twitching is a reflex, short, and spasmodic movement of the eyelid. Eye twitching is not a rare condition, but it is harmless. However, it can last for some minutes, but if it persists for days, see an optometrist.
A persistent eye twitching is a sign of a severe eyelid condition – it is blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm. They are more severe than the common eye twitching. Eye twitching is referred to as myokymia.

Here are some of the causes of eye twitching:

1. Fatigue

Feeling exhausted due to being sleep-deprived can cause eye twitching. Eye twitching might be reminding you to catch up on your sleep or schedule a regular sleeping time can help to ameliorate this condition.

2. Stress

The eyes are one of the most commonly used organs of the body. A significant level of stress can trigger eye twitching. One way to control eye twitching triggered by stress is to reduce stress by going out with friends or playing with pets. Besides, you can reschedule your program to keep stress in check.

3. Excessive Exposure to Screen

Staring at your mobile phones, computers, or TV for a long time can cause your eyelids to twitch. Optometrists recommend the “20-20-20 Rule” when exposed to digital devices in order to reduce eye fatigue that may result in eye twitching. If you work necessitates spending a lot of time on digital devices, you can get computer eyeglasses.

4. Alcohol

Some people notice that their eyes twitch after drinking wine, beer, or any hard drink. If you are under this category, abstain from taking liquor to reduce the occurrence of eye twitching.

5. Caffeine

Excessive consumption of caffeine-content results in eye twitching. Reduce the intake of tea, coffee, or soft drinks for about two weeks to reduce eyelids twitch. Also, you can switch to decaffeinated versions of your favorite drinks.

6. Allergies

Persons that have eye allergies such as itching, swelling, or watery eyes may rub the eyes for relief. However, that act only causes histamine to be released into the eyelid tissue and tear film, which can make the eye twitch. You can contact your optometrist for eye drops to reduce the symptoms of allergy.

Eye twitching is not expected to be a major problem; however, if it persists, see an optometrist.

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