Certain habits that we engage in unconsciously could be ruining our eyes. The best way to protect your eyesight is to know what can worsen it and avoid those activities. Here are the 5 habits that ruin your eyes:

1. Rubbing the Eyes

Many people have formed the habit of rubbing their eyes; this is a habit you should abstain from. Whether you have itchy eyes or dirt entered your eyes, rubbing your eyes is not the solution, regardless of how soothing it may seem. It may be tempting to rub your eyes for some relief. However, rubbing your eyes does more harm than good. Continuously rubbing your eyes can cause the tiny blood vessels under the eyes to break in addition to giving you red eyes. Rather than rubbing your eyes for relief from irritation, try a cold compress.

2. Staring at the Smartphone

Technology has made most activities available on mobile devices ranging from reading eBooks, playing games, interacting on social media, and lots more. Many millennials can spend more than 10 hours daily on their smartphones. Meanwhile, it is more harmful to stare on the screens of smartphone and mobile devices relentlessly – that habit hurts your eyes, especially if you do not take frequent breaks from staring at your device. The pattern will unavoidably cause dry eyes, blurred vision, nausea, and dizziness. Optometrists advise that you put down your phone after about 20 minutes of staring into its screen to give your eyes a break.

3. Late-night TV Shows

If you have TV programs you love watching till late in the night before you go to bed, you are hurting your eyes unawares. Besides, if you are fond of staying at your computer working till midnight, that will cause eyestrain, dry eye, headaches, and other pains. The levels of light on your screen and other ambient lights are not equal, as your eyes are working hard to regulate the changes. Apart from hurting your eyes, that habit can also disrupt your sleep pattern.

4. Wearing Contacts to Bed

Another habit that also ruins your eyes is sleeping in your contact lenses. Regardless of how tired you are, do not forget to remove your contacts. Sleeping in contact lenses increases the risk of an infection and is also capable of causing permanent damage. Most people that visit optometrists for eye complaints have contacts-related issues. Ensure to wash your hands when wearing or removing your contacts to reduce the chances of having an infection.

5. Exposure to UV-Rays

If you have to go out under the scorching sun, ensure to wear sunglasses that can block out UV rays that will ruin your eyes over time. If you are sensitive to light, always wear sunglasses to reduce the effects of bright light and resultant headache and blurred vision. Going around without wearing sunglasses when it is sunny will ruin your eyes eventually.