With the sun shining, there is a need to protect one’s eyes. Thus, finding the perfect sunglasses is a must if one is to elevate their appearance and also be trendy. Most people underestimate the value of sunglasses, but they help make or break a summer wardrobe. Fortunately, with the numerous advises about sunglasses, one can manage to find the perfect pair to have on throughout summer-time.

In most cases, sunglasses are an afterthought for many people. Thus, having the latest pair will go a long way in improving your appearance.

The below list comprises of sunglasses that are trending this summer.

Shield Sunglasses

When it comes to offering the most protection, this pair is among the best and is recommended by optometrists. As a result, they take up too much space on an individual’s face. They are different in that they are not bi-framed like other sunglasses and have a large piece of protective material. They are usually preferred by surfers and snowboarders as they require extra protection from the sun.

With extreme versions of shield sunglasses showing up at Gucci and Rick Owens, it is right to say that their oversized version is going to be common this summer.

Extreme Bling

It is common to spot jewels and embellishments on most high-end sunglasses. However, the designers seem to have taken this a notch higher this season. Dolce & Gabbana can be said to be trendsetters when it comes to this type of sunglasses. Besides D&G, Jeremy Scott and Prada are other designers who stand out when it comes to this type of sunglasses.

Patterened Frames

Several print trends were present in 2019 runway which led to them being present in on summer 2019 sunglasses. Patterned sunglasses stood out when they were worn together with patterned fabric. The patterns range from polka dots to static-like patterns of black and white.

Triangle Shapes

These sunglasses were present during the spring 2019 runway. They seem to have shaken off the retro effect and brought about a futuristic one. These sunglasses look sleek and sophisticated, given their avant-girde vibe. Burberry opted for a unique take where they went for rounded and downturned lenses while Marni tried to give the glasses a futuristic effect by having upturned lenses.

Tiny Shaped Sunglasses

These sunglasses appear to have been introduced as an accessory rather than protective gear. For example, tiny sunglasses from Fendi had a bug-eye motif which elegantly married the dotted polka patterns with double-winged design.

Unique Shaped Sunglasses

Some sunglasses proved to be too much for the spring 2019 trends due to their innovativeness. Most designers seem to have played fast and loose with traditional eyewear shapes thus coming up with different variations on sunglasses.

Most designers such as D&G, Monse, and Sportmax tried to stay away from the traditional shapes.

Cat Eyes

These type of sunglasses hold a retro charm and are usually worn when one wants to emphasize their cheekbone as well as elongating the face. They were common in the summer 2019 eyewear trends.

Extended Wayfarers

These have proved to be a cool girl’s best accessory for a long time. Designers seem to have introduced new proportions for 2019 fashion year. The current crop of wayfarers appears to be larger and extended than the previous version. These temples are beneficial when one wishes to hide from the sun.

Two-Toned Lenses

They represent some of the best 2019 sunglasses due to their innovativeness and their unique color combinations. As much as, most sunglasses fit into various eyewear trends; the two-toned lenses represent the best option. The contrasting shades make them among the most exciting sunglasses.

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