Do you feel like your eyes are too tired or irritated after concentrating on a specific activity such as staring at a computer screen, reading a book, or driving for several hours? Well, if the answer is yes, optometrists say that you might suffer from something called eyestrain. 

Still, this is a common condition, especially amongst those working in front of a computer. And it can be treated with non-invasive methods. But if you’re experiencing extended periods of eye irritation and pain, this might indicate you have a more serious problem. Thus, it is always best to book an appointment with your optometrist, so that he or she can determine if you have only eyestrain or not. 

What is eye strain?

Eye strain is a symptom that happens when your eyes get tired from prolonged concentration due to driving, reading, or looking at a computer. Thus, any discomfort that comes from looking at something for an extended period it is called eye strain. And it is not a serious health problem. In most situations, eye rest can make the symptom disappear. 

What are the leading causes of eye strain?

Optometrists say that the usage of digital screens represents the leading cause of eye strain for several hours in one session. Of course, there are several other triggering factors for this problem, including concentrating on a single task for a long time, being in an unproperly lit environment, or feeling stressed. Besides, having eye problems such as dry eyes can favor the appearance of eye strain.

What are the signs of eye strain?

Eye strain must be diagnosed by a professional health care professional. But there are a couple of signs and symptoms that can tell you are suffering from this issue. Some of the most common signs of an eye strain include:

  • Sore, burning or itching eyes;
  • Dry eyes;
  • Vision problems;
  • Headaches;
  • Increased light sensitivity;
  • Trouble concentrating on tasks such as reading or writing;
  • A constant sensation that you cannot keep your eyes open. 

So, if you’re encountering one or more of those symptoms, it is always best to ask for the advice of your optometrist. Eye strain can be treated with simple approaches, such as getting proper rest or spending less time on digital devices.

How to prevent eye strain

So, if you want to protect your vision and to avoid eye strain, there are a couple of things you could do. These include:

  • Taking a break after every 20 minutes spent in front of a digital device;
  • Sitting correctly in front of your pc or laptop;
  • Choosing adequate lighting solutions;
  • Using eye drops;
  • Wearing correct eyewear;

So, eye strain is an uncomfortable outcome that might come from you performing the same activity for extended periods. But you can counteract its effects by allowing your eyes to rest frequently. Also, it might be a good idea to discuss with your optometrist about proper ways to prevent eye strain.