We are in the digital age where a lot of things are now carried out through mobile phones, tablets, laptops and the like but the closest to us how of them is the smartphone. The smartphone is arguably man’s closest friend nowadays and the average youth out there glances through their smartphone over a hundred times in just a day.

The issue here is that the more you do this, the more you are liable to some negative effects one of which is smartphone strain. Things like tired, dry, itchy eyes as well blurred vision and headaches are some of these smartphone strains you are likely to experience.

However, it is possible for you to avoid and deal with them properly and that is the essence of this post. Below are 5 tips to save you from smartphone eye strain:

1. Blink

Learn how to stop staring at your smartphone for long periods without blinking. It is a very unhealthy attitude. Blinking regularly and for beyond one second helps keep the eyes moist. Besides, it helps to reduce irritation and dryness which according to optometrists are some of the manifestations of smartphone strain. It has been established that humans generally tend to blink a lot less than we ordinarily do whenever we are making use of our smartphone screens and this is one of those activities that damage human eyes. There, you need to cultivate the habit of blinking just as you normally would when using your smartphone to regularly keep your eyes wet.

2. Adjust the Brightness

Too bright or too dark screen stresses the human eye and can lead to issues related to maintaining focus. Therefore, what you need to do is adjust your screen brightness in such a way that it is about the same as the light level in your surrounding environment. You can easily do this by just going into your smartphone settings and tweaking the brightness as required.

3. Adjust Your Contrast and Text Size

Another way to avoid smartphone strain is by tweaking the text size and contrast of your phone. Doing this gives you a significant amount of relief and it also makes it a lot easier for you to read online content, email messages as well as every other thing you stare on to on your smartphone.

4. Keep Your Phone Farther Away From You

Many people have the habit of keeping their smartphones extremely close to their face and this is nothing but a completely damaging attitude to the eyes. Therefore, you need to learn to keep it a bit farther (like 16 to 18 inches) away from your eyes to give you a much-needed break.

5. Take Breaks

Using your smartphone without breaks is an extremely horrible attitude that can lead to eye strain. Learn the act of going off your phone at given periods to recover from all the emissions into your eyes. This relaxes your eye muscles and prevents any possible smartphone-induced ocular problem.