Does your child perform poorly in school? Does your child like to sit too close to the TV? Does your child complain of constant headaches or double vision? These and other signs might be a pointer to the fact that your child needs eyeglasses.

As parents, you should pay close attention to your children to know if they need eyeglasses to aid their vision because not all kids can correctly explain how they are feeling. Regardless, below are signs that your child may need glasses.

1. Tilts head or Covers One Eye

If your child covers an eye or tilts their head to change the visual angle in order to see more clearly, there is a likelihood that your child needs eyeglasses. Tilting of the head and covering of one eye is an indication of misaligned eyes or amblyopia, a popular prevalent eye condition in children.

2. Squints

When your child squints when trying to focus on an image, it may be that he or she has a refractive error. Naturally, the child hopes to see clearer by squinting. Do not delay your visit to an optometrist; your child may need a pair of eyeglasses to correct their vision.

3. Sits Too Close To the TV

When your child likes to sit right in front of the TV, lowers their head to read or brings something such as a book, comic or smartphone extremely close to their eyes, they may be in need of eyeglasses.

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4. Rubs their Eyes Continuiosly

When your child rubs his or her eyes continuously, it is most likely that your child is suffering from eye strain or fatigue, which can be improved or treated by getting a pair of eyeglasses.

5. Experience Frequent Headache or Eye Pain

If your child complains of constant headaches or pain in their eyes, the chances are that your child has overstretched the capacity of their eyes. To reduce headaches and eye pain, getting your child a pair of glasses is one way to address this condition.

6. Lacks Interest in School Work

Children have to quickly adjust their vision from the chalkboards to textbooks in class; this puts off a child that has challenges with their vision. As a result, if you notice that your child does not show enough interest in school work, it is time you visited an optometrist for a pair of eyeglasses. Do not wait until your child’s performance plummets, take action today.