Contact lenses are meant for improved vision, convenience, and aesthetics. However, your optometrist would give you instructions on how to use and maintain your contact lenses. Irrespective of the pros of wearing contact lenses, there are dangers of having your contact lenses in when you sleep. Optometrists advise that you should take them off before you sleep. You should be aware of the hazards of sleeping with your contact lenses in your eyes that is why you should read this write-up to the end.Here are the reasons you should not sleep wearing contact lenses:

1. Lack of Oxygen

The cornea needs oxygen like other parts of the human body to function effectively. When you wear contact lenses, as you blink, the cornea receives oxygen. But when you are asleep with your contact lenses in your eyes, you deny your cornea of oxygen because the contact lenses fit snugly over the cornea’s surface with your eyes closed. This oxygen deprivation can lead to serious damage to the cornea.

2. Risk of Infection

When you sleep wearing contact lenses, the cornea, already oxygen-deprived, will swell up creating gaps between surface cells of the eyes, allowing bacteria to sneak in. Consequently, wearing contact lenses while sleeping will lead to greater chances of having severe eye infections.

3. Keratitis (Inflammation of the Cornea)

Regular blinking keeps the cornea lubricated and nourished, and that helps for it to recover and rejuvenate itself, if it sustains any minor injury. However, wearing contact lenses when you sleep interferes with this process. This may result in the inflammation of the cornea – a condition called “Keratitis.”
Your optometrist, undoubtedly, would have advised that you should remove your contact lenses before bedtime. Even if your contact lenses are extended wear, remove them regularly at night to reduce the chances of having cornea infection.

4. Irritation

It is crucial that you allow your corneas to breathe even if you wear contact lenses that are approved for overnight wear. When you wake up with contact lenses in your eyes, removing them could be difficult as they may have stuck to the surface of your cornea because of dryness. Therefore, you are vulnerable to having severe eye irritation, in addition to the risk of infections.
Eyes are fragile and susceptible to infections. Listen to your optometrist’s advice to remove contact lenses before you sleep even if the contacts are for extended wear. The health of your eyes is essential to your overall wellness.

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