As with everything in our bodies, eye condition changes over time. If we had amazing eyesight in our 20’s, it doesn’t mean that we will have it in our 40’s as well. If you have noticed a sudden change in the quality of your eyesight, immediately schedule an appointment with the optometrist. In the meantime, here are some of the common reasons for sudden changes in eyesight:

Getting Old

The most common reason for experiencing worsening of eyesight is growing old. As we age, we reach a certain point where our immunity systems start to weaken and decline. This is why older people are more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and also eye conditions.

Additionally, as our skin does, when we age our eyes lose elasticity. This results in difficulties focusing and slight reshaping of the eye (thicker and more convex lens). If this is your problem, don’t worry since it is treated the same as a refractive error.


This has happened to me as well. So children’s eyes aren’t fully grown and need to pass through some processes before getting full “adult” eyes. Because of this, children have difficulties focusing and are diagnosed as farsighted.

If this is treated in time, their eyesight will return to normal as soon as their bodies and eyes fully grow. Unfortunately, though, this means that you’ll probably need to change the prescription every few months. Just like pajamas on a baby, the glasses will have a different prescription every time.


If you aren’t facing one of the above, you probably have genes carrying a certain eye condition. So our bodies are filled with genetic material from our ancestors, including diseases and conditions. If our family tree is filled with nearsightedness, we will probably develop it too in our lives.

But how come it’s starting to activate now? Well, genetic material is like a ticking time bomb. For example, if you have a predisposition for diabetes and if you are facing a stressful situation or just passed through psychological trauma, diabetes might begin to activate.

The same thing goes for eye conditions. If your eyesight is significantly declining, you may be even facing a more difficult condition like glaucoma. That’s why visits at the optometrists are highly recommended in these sort of situations.

Stress & Fatigue

Sometimes the reason isn’t that complicated. Overworking, stress and fatigue have known to cause medical conditions in the past. And if your heart and mental health are vulnerable to these, why do you think that your eyesight isn’t?

Vision problems which occur because of stress can be easily cured. But if we don’t slow down our tempo and keep on ignoring the problem, it can get much worse. Temporary vision issues are pretty common today and the remedies are simple: relaxation, nature walks, healthy eating and sleep.

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