High eye pressure or ocular hypertension is a precursor to many eye defects. Some of the signs of ocular hypertension include seeing halos, eye pain, headaches, and blurred vision. If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact your optometrist for an examination. There are natural ways of reducing eye pressure if you are diagnosed with ocular hypertension.

Achieving lower eye pressure is essential for improving vision and treating many eye problems. If you are experiencing an extreme ocular hypertension, your optometrist will advise you to lower your eye pressure as part of the treatments for your condition. Although there are medications for mitigate ocular hypertension, natural ways or methods fare better due to little or no side effects.

Below are some natural ways to lower your eye pressure:

1. Reduce Carbohydrates, Lower Insulin Levels

There is a direct link between insulin levels and amount of sugar or carbohydrates you take. High levels of insulin increases the risk of ocular hypertension and when you reduce the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrate such as sweets, starches, sodas, and bread. Even if your optometrist does not tell you, let go of excessively sweet things for your eye health and vision.

2. Eat Healthy Diet

As you are giving up on carbohydrate-heavy and sugary foods, it is also crucial that you eat only healthy foods to stabilize or and prevent ocular hypertension. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, copper, zinc, and selenium. Also, eat fresh leafy vegetables and a balanced diet.

3. Limit Caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic and will cause you to pass urine faster and take more water. Taking drinks that contain caffeine will increase your eye pressure.

4. Exercise

Your optometrist will ask questions about your state of health before recommending exercises you can do to lower your eye pressure because you need to stay safe. However, low-impact exercises such as swimming, walking, and biking are good for you. You can also invest in a treadmill for an in-house exercise.

5. Reduce Stress

The bulk of cases of high eye pressure can be traced to stress. Stress triggers hypertension and eventually causes ocular hypertension. Identify what stresses you and avoid it as much as possible. Some of the recommended ways of managing stress include walking, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and relaxation. Find the right way that suits your lifestyle to reduce stress.

6. Sleep with Head Raised

Another natural way to lower your eye pressure is to use a wedge pillow that will slightly raise your head about 20 degrees when you sleep.

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