Choosing the right eyeglass frames is crucial to your outlook and comfort. While you may base your choice on aesthetics, it is equally important to consider the functionality factor. Of course, you can make a statement with the eyeglass frame you choose, it’s suitability and your comfort should not be overlooked.

Based on your optometrist’s prescription, you are given the perfect lens for your vision but read the tips below to choose the right eyeglass frames.

1. Face Shape

Choosing the eyeglass frame that suits your face shape is the first factor to consider. The face shape determines the right eyeglass frame to choose. Stand before a mirror, pull your hair back, and draw an outline of your face on the mirror to find out the shape of your face. Having identified your face shape, use the guide below:

a. Round-shaped Face: Choose angular (rectangular) eyeglass frame.

b. Oval-shaped Face: Choose frames that have a heavy top line that is wider than the broadest part of your face. Avoid frames that are overly big or cover the major part of your face.

c. Heart-shaped Face: Choose frames that have heavy bottom lines. The frame for you can also be rimless. Do not use frames with much details at the top; it will only bring attention to your forehead.

d. Square-shaped Face: The best eyeglass frames for you must have soft edges such that the frames should not be angular. The perfect choice for your face shape is oval or rounded rectangle frames.

2. Lifestyle

How you spend the bulk of your time. What you do for a living and what you need eyeglasses for – all of these are crucial to choosing the right eyeglass frames for you. If you are very busy and need to have your glasses on, you need to select frames that will withstand heavy or frequent use. You can choose elegant frames, if you are a fashionista, to meet your lifestyle.

3. Color

This is similar to face shape; you do not want to choose a frame color that contradicts your skin tone. Frames are an everyday accessory and must complement your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone (such as yellow, golden and bronze), choose neutral colored frames. If you have a cool skin tone (bluish or pink), select silver, pink, purple or blue frames.

4. Personality

Align with your personality the frames you would choose in terms of style and color. Remember that your frames are an extension of your personality; you can make a statement with your frames without flouting these basic rules.
If you are not clear about the guide provided in this write-up, contact your optometrist for advice on right eyeglass frames for you.

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