Many people do not take note of the changes in their vision until it suddenly becomes blurry. Meanwhile, the changes in vision take place from months to years before a noticeable and possibly irreversible change. If you have challenges seeing what you used to see clearly before or you find yourself struggling to see clearly at night when driving, see an optometrist to complain. However, if you have not experienced vision changes, whether you use glasses or not, but your vision becomes blurry dramatically.

Here are some of the conditions that may be responsible:

1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is such a disease usually not noticed until it reaches an advanced stage when it causes a significant change in vision – a sudden blurry vision. It is, however, advised that you see your optometrist for a check-up every two to four years.

2. Migraine

A sudden blurry vision can result from the onset of a migraine headache. Migraine is an intense and horrible headache that can make its victims debilitated for days. One of its symptoms is blurry vision and loss of vision in some cases.

3. Diabetes

Persons living with diabetes are susceptible to a condition known as ‘diabetic retinopathy’ which can damage the tiny blood vessels in the retina as a result of a high level of sugar in the bloodstream. If you have diabetes, you need to see an optometrist in addition to managing your condition.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

When the optic nerve that connects the eyes to the brain gets inflamed by multiple sclerosis, it results in optic neuritis that causes blurry vision or loss of color vision. This disease usually affects just one eye and causes pain when you move the eyes.

5. Brain Tumor

If there is a tumor anywhere in the brain, it causes pressure to increase rapidly in the skull. In addition to general body weakness, headaches, nausea, and seizures, the patient can also experience blurry vision as the pressure increases. Visit an optometrist for an examination to know the causes of blurry vision.

6. Stroke

Stroke hinders blood flow in the brain and causes blurry vision or sudden loss of vision in some cases. Blurry vision can indicate an imminent occurrence of stroke in addition to other symptoms such as balance problems, confusion, difficulty speaking audibly, and dizziness.

On a final note, blurry vision is caused by a significant increase in pressure in the optic nerve tiny blood vessels in the brain, or skull. As soon as you experience a blurry sight, see your optometrist for a diagnosis.

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