Have you been engaging in habits that are capable of ruining your eyes? Here are 5 habits you need to abstain from to avoid ruining your vision:

1. Staring at Your Smartphone

Do phones damage your eyes? It would interest to learn that reading small texts in your smartphone for several hours daily can ruin your eyes. You may develop dry eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, etc. You should put down your device and take a break after every 20 minutes to avoid imminent damage to your eyes.

2. Unhealthy Use of Contacts

Contact lenses should promote convenience and better vision. However, if used inappropriately, they can ruin your eyes. Sleeping wearing your contact lenses increases the risk of having an infection that can cause permanent damage. Besides, wearing contacts in the shower, pool, or ocean is unhealthy for your eyes as bacteria or acanthamoeba can enter your eyes and ruin your eyes over time.

3. Rubbing Your Eyes

Although you may be tempted to rub your eyes in response to irritation or allergic reaction, do not give in to the feeling. Rubbing your eyes can rupture the tiny blood vessels under the eyelids. Besides, you can also transfer dirt and bacteria into your eyes while rubbing them. Also, rubbing your eyes frequently can cause wear and tear of the cornea, which would be permanent damage to your eyes. Irrespective of how soothing rubbing your eyes seems, it is only a short relief that will do more harm than good to your eyes.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Getting adequate sleep is crucial to your eyes health as it repairs, restores, and heals the eyes. However, not getting enough sleep will ruin your eyes and cause other health issues such as weight gain, depression, tiredness, and decreased immune functions.
Failing to sleep adequately will cause blurry vision and dry eyes that can make you feel uncomfortable in addition to ruining your eyes.

5. Missing Eye Check-ups

It is recommended that you see an optometrist for eye examination periodically. This is to allow the detection of problems with your eyes in their early stages. However, when you miss your appointments believing your vision is normal, you are ruining your eyes unawares. Several factors, such as daily activities, exposure to UV-rays, diet, and age affect your eyes and a visit to an optometrist for an eye examination will allow you to get the right treatment and help. On the contrary, your vision may worsen more than you can imagine when you miss eye check-ups.

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