General checkups, appointments with the dentist, OB/GYN visits, as well as vital checks are apparently the most common and regular health measures which everyone seems to take seriously. However, there is one equally important aspect of well-being that usually gets sidelined until the situation becomes critical.

This neglected healthcare is, going on routine visits to the optometrist. Using home remedies and first-aid for most eye problems has been adapted so much that people forget how important it is to visit the optometrist before the case worsens. A lot of individuals are guilty of simply forgetting just how easy it is for the eyes to contract certain illnesses and diseases which often start out as basic sight problems. 

This results in cases where the person ends up rushing in with an eye emergency, which could have been avoided through a simple check-up with the optometrist. While a lot of the symptoms for most eye illnesses are generic and may be symptoms for other illnesses, it is important to know how to make the distinction. Look out for any of these five signs telling you to visit the optometrist! 

Inability to see at night

Naturally, humans are not able to see perfectly at night due to the adjustment of the eyes to minimal lighting. However, as soon as you feel more difficult than usual, it might be best to visit your optometrist and assuage yourself of any worries. 

Trouble focusing

Struggling with blurry vision? This could be an underlying symptom of a vision problem and you should visit the optometrist as soon as possible to avoid the problem spreading further. 


If your eyes feel sore or strained when exposed to light, you might be dealing with a more serious vision problem than you realize. The very moment you notice that your eyes’ sensitivity to light and certain weather, schedule an appointment with the optometrist to get accurate diagnosis and treatment, to avoid a dire situation

Dry eyes

Feeling eye dryness may be a result of the weather, dehydration or stress. However, you cannot pinpoint the exact cause without professional consultations and diagnosis. Before rushing to buy eye drops because your eyes are dry, visit your optometrist!


Strains can affect the eyes in a number of ways which include forcing you to squint because your eyes can’t keep open for too long. When this becomes excessive or distressing, call on your optometrist to settle your concerns and give you prescriptions, if need be. 

You don’t need a genie to tell you how important your eyes are, so don’t wait for something extraordinary to tell you to visit the optometrist.