Eye strains are common amongst most people in the world, largely due to the vastness of technology —leading to hours staring at a screen. Sometimes it starts out as part of a headache, other times it is simply an uncomfortable ache/ pain that comes and goes on its own.

In either case, suffering an eye strain can be one of the most frustrating and painful experiences to live through, especially if it is a frequent occurrence, hence requiring a visit to your optometrist. While eyestrain may be indicative of a headache, taking medication that is designated to treat headaches may or may not work to relieve you. 

Instead of taking that risk on your health every time you feel an ache, there are simple things you can do to relieve the pain you feel.  Next time you feel some pain or strain around your eyes, here are five things you can do to relieve it and feel better in record time.

Apply cold compress 

One of the best ways to ease the uncomfortable ache that comes with eye strain is to apply a cold compress across the eyelids. You can use a hand towel or thick napkin, and simply soak it in a bowl of ice water. Squeeze out then apply over your closed lids. You can also use it to massage your temples to relieve headaches. 

Blink frequently 

Sometimes focusing for too long may be a factor for incessant eye strain. To avoid this, be sure to blink frequently while working or reading. Blinking brings moisture to the corner of your eyes and helps you exercise them to relieve the strain that occurs from focusing for too long. 

Change your lighting

The lighting in your most frequented room/ location may be the cause of your eyestrain. As such, you have to change the lighting to help you relieve the onset of eyestrain. Avoid bright and warm lights, opt instead for calm and cool lights that will help you relax your body temperature and effectively reduce eye strain. 

Reduce screen brightness 

The number of hours in screen time which most people spend is enough to develop aches for their eyes. With reduced brightness, you can focus for longer without stressing your eyes.  

Take a break

As simple as it sounds, this works wonders to relieve eye strain.  When you begin to feel your head pounding, your eyes blurring or squinting, just step back from what you are doing and take a break! You can shut your eyes for a bit or shift focus to something else, whatever you are doing -just take a simple break. 

Stop suffering through discomfort, start taking actions for your own well-being!