Blurry vision is described as loss of vision sharpness which makes objects seem hazy and out of focus. It is surely an unpleasant experience and a common one. The causes for blurry vision vary from genes to eye injuries. Some of the causes are more dangerous are require the best professional eye care; others can be easily solved with antibiotics or patience.

Here are the top causes of blurred vision:

1. Refractive Errors

The most common case for blurry vision is refractive errors. They can be caused by injuries, but they mostly happen due to genetics. Blurry vision is always a sign that you have one of the refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Myopia is known as nearsightedness and it causes far away objects to appear blurry and out of focus. Hyperopia or farsightedness does the same thing for nearby objects. Astigmatism means that your eye doesn’t evenly focus light on the retina. This makes objects seem stretched out and blurry. Presbyopia is an age-related condition. It occurs because with time, the shape of our eyes loses flexibility.

2. Cataracts

A cataract forms in the lens of your eye. Cataract is dense and cloudy and it that prevents the lens from sending clear visual messages to the retina. This is more common for older people, but it can also occur in the younger generations. It might be tricky to realize that you have cataracts at the beginning because of its slow development. Blurry vision is one of the symptoms for this eye condition. If it worsens, you might end up with cloudy cataracts covering the whole area of both your eyes.

3. Pink Eye

The medical name for pink eye is conjunctivitis. It is an infection that occurs in the outer membrane of your eyeball. It is called pink eye because the blood vessels in the conjunctiva (a thin membrane in our eyes) become inflamed are make your eyes seem red or pink. Pink eye can be caused by allergies, viruses, bacteria and chemical interactions. It is treated depending on the cause. For example if its because of chemical interactions, conjunctivitis can disappear in a week.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which prevents insulin either from being produced or properly used in your body. Insulin is a hormone that has the main role in sugar transportation and degradation. Having high amounts of sugar in your blood is called hyperglycemia. This causes blurry vision and makes it one of the first warning signs for diabetes. Another situation where diabetics have blurry vision is when they start taking treatment for diabetes. If it’s the latter, then the blurry vision will be gone in a month or so. Diabetes can also lead to diabetic retinopathy which can cause permanent blindness.

5. Eye Trauma

If not properly treated, eye injuries can lead to permanent blindness. They mostly occur during sporting activities. Sometimes we take our eyes for granted, but they are equally important as every other organ since they give us visual messages and enable us to fully function in our daily lives. Furthermore, they are also one of the our most sensitive body parts. The causes for eye injuries vary from nail scratches to unwilling interaction with chemicals. After each injury or possible threat it is best to consult with the optometrist. You will prevent further, more complicated damage from happening.


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